02 - Soups & Stocks

Learn the 1 technique used to make all types of soups and reinforce that understanding through specially written recipes. The Well Matched tables provide information to apply the technique again and again so you can create anything from purées to hearty soups.

Understand how easy it is to make homemade stocks, and use them to make quick, delicious soups for any meal. Use the tables that reveal what ingredients go together and create your own soups with our regional suggestions. Recognize the value of proficient knife skills and expand your knowledge of equipment and tools. Enhance your cooking with herbs and spices and explore our fail safe approach for pairing wine with meals.

Everything you need to strengthen your confidence, creativity, and provide you greater freedom in the kitchen.

With this volume you'll be able to make delicious soups such as these:

- Carrot and Ginger Soup with Orange Crème Fraîche and Parmesan Crisps

- Roasted Red Pepper Purée with Pancetta wrapped Shrimp

- Provençal Fish Soup with Saffron and Clams

- Chilled Raspberry Soup with Cantaloupe Salsa

...and so many other incredible creations to choose from, all by learning 1-technique.

Order yours today and experience the power that lies within this incredible DVD!

02 - Soups & Stocks
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