01 - Sautés & Pan Sauces

In this volume we instill the process of the Sauté technique, and reinforce that process through specially written recipes. The Well Matched tables provide the tools to apply the technique over and over to create hundreds of different dishes using this one method.

Incredible reference materials will advise on regional cooking, give you understandable wine & food pairing information, teach you how best to use spices & herbs, supply insights on equipment, knife skills, the list goes on and on. Plus, we've added printable tables & charts to help make your shopping and cooking easier.

We've put together everything you need to strengthen your confidence, creativity, and provide you greater freedom in the kitchen.

With this volume you'll be able to make great dishes such as:

- Fillet of beef with peppercorns and brandy

- Sautéed salmon with sun dried tomatoes, spinach and warm bacon vinaigrette

- Sautéed pork chops with apples, Calvados, and mustard

- Sautéed black mission figs with balsamico and port wine

...and so many other mouthwatering creations, all by using this 1-technique.

Try it today and see what this amazing resource will do for you!

Saute Pkg, Vol-1
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